One-Stop Complete Mobile Solutions

iOS App

We are specialized in the area of Apple iOS platform.

Android App

We are specialized in the area of Android platform.

Windows Phone 8 App

We are specialized in the area of Windows Phone 8 platform.

Native languages

We insist to develop apps in native languages to achieve the best performance.

Develop and design

Develop and design mobile apps or mobile sites.

App backend control panel

Real-time content updates of the app can be done through the exclusive app backend control panel at any time. The updated contents will be shown on the clients’ mobile phones immediately. This would maximize your efficiency by avoiding the long wait and troubles in re-submitting your app to the App Store/Google Play Store.


Successfully submitting your app to App Store/Google Play Store will be guaranteed. We will assist you through all the process of app submitting and app reviewing by the App Store/Google Play Store. In the meantime, we will provide you all the kinds of recommendations in designing, planning, and functioning to ensure the best quality of your app is met.


The one-year warranty is our guarantee of quality. We will do all the bug fixes or minor changes to the functionality.

sync to all platforms

Real-time synchronization to all platforms. All the content you add or edit will immediately sync to your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Windows Phone, and HTML5 App.


Customization can be done to the user experience and interface design. We provide customization to every single detail to perfectly meet your needs.

Collaborate your app feature

Collaborate your app with the phone built-in functions such as Camera functions, video and sound recording, QR code scanning, or Facebook connecting…etc.


Professional graphic design team offers the elegant visual arts and icons to arise your unique brand completely.


Professional graphic design team offers the stylish app launching animation to arise your distinct style.

Integrate social network

Integrate all your social networking sites and groups into one exclusive app to achieve greater exposure. Website, Facebook, Google+, blogs, Youtube… and so on.


Western style standards are executed for all the work being done to ensure the products to be stand out and unique.

Push Notification Message

Push Notification Message

Deliver push notification message directly to customers’ mobile devices at no cost. There will be no more bills from the telecom service providers.

Sales and Trends


Downloads counting record provides you the most immediate and most accurate counts, including daily, weekly, and monthly analysis.

Commercial Mobility

Online payment

Online payment allows users to order and buy your product immediately. It supports PayPal, Google Wallet, Google Checkout, App Store IAP, and Alipay.

Online menu ordering

Online menu ordering with online payment allows users to save more time, and allows stores to produce more orders.


Appointment/reservation booking system allows users to have easier and better access to make appointment or reservation through the app.

Ordering forms

Ordering forms can be filled in the app by customers and send directly to your Email address.

Widgets Integration

The newsletter features

The newsletter features can easily collect customer’s name and email address.

QR code scanner

QR code scanner can provide more convenience to the users.

hospitality point of interest

The hospitality industry like hotels or tourism can include point of interest in the app to provide more useful information to users, such as lodging, restaurants, theme parks, transportation, and so on.

Business Tools

business tool

Notepad, profit sharing calculator, loan calculator, invoicing, counters are merging utilities in our POS system which is specially made for the stores. Synchronous real-time cloud technology to all data and reports at any time with high encryption technology to ensure the security. No matter where you are, how many stores you have in different regions, you can access to the real-time sales information and analysis reports anywhere at anytime.

Supported Technology

technology integration

Facebook & Twitter technology integration in the app to provide easier access to share through the social networking community.

Music Video Streaming

Entertainment apps provide non-downloadable streaming digital music and video playback from the internet, via mobile devices and wireless electronic communication devices.

YouTube integration

You can import all the videos directly to the app through YouTube integration.

Vimeo integration

You can import all the videos directly to the app through Vimeo integration.

Flickr integration

You can import all the photos directly to the app through Flickr integration.

Soundcloud integration

You can import all the sounds directly to the app through Soundcloud integration.

Picasa integration

You can import all the photos directly to the app through Picasa integration.

iTunes integration

You can import all the music directly to the app through iTunes integration.

iTunes Podcast integration

You can sync all the videos and music directly to the app through iTunes Podcast integration.

RSS integration

You can sync all the blogs and articles directly to the app through RSS integration.

HTML5 technology

HTML5 technology provides better ability and compatibility to cross platforms.

More Features


LBS Location-based service will provide precise positioning and use GPS navigating customers directly to your locations.

direct call App

For the customers who do not have your contact number to make a direct call by one-click in the app.

enhance the exposure

The customers can share your app via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email, or SMS to enhance the exposure.

Audio recording

Audio recording upload function can be used for real-time voice chatting or customer complaints voicemail.

collect information

You can collect customer information through forms or membership system; and that includes name, phone number, Email, address, and so on. Furthermore, you can attach a survey to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Photo upload

Photo upload function can be used for photo voting activity to raise the brand awareness.

listen to music

Users can listen to music and pay to download directly to iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

streaming music on the cloud

The music player app has one of the features which allows users to customize playlist and play streaming pre-recorded music on the internet/cloud.

added to the app

Websites can be added to the app. Booking systems, reservation systems, shopping sites, membership systems…and etc.


Provide customers an electronic membership point card function with the app. The customers will no longer need to carry so many different cards with them.

Marketing events

Marketing events can be organized through the app.


PDF files can be added to the app.

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